Monday, July 26, 2010

Forged In Flames

Finally, the first paperback of Four Eyes is on sale!
Collecting issues # 1 to 4, now you can read it all at once!!!
You can also read the first issue for free, only need to click here!

Finalmente el primer libro de Four Eyes salió a la venta!
Contiene los números 1 al 4, así que ahora podés leerlo todo de una!
También podés leer el primer número gratis haciendo click aca!


  1. I just read the first two issues of Four eyes! It was cooler than I expected! My father is italian.. he picked my name and my brother's (Enzo) after the movie The Godfather. I never imagined seeing elements of it in the Four eyes comic. Next month I'll order the issues three and four.

    Here in Brazil, I work as an illustrator and do I a comic strip called Valente for a major newspaper. Also, I do a series of fanart webcomic called Puny Parker. Just for fun.
    Your work is already an inspiration to me.

  2. Hey Cafaggi!!! Is really great to hear from you, and I'm happy that you like the book so much, thanks! The Godfather is actually a big influence to Joe and to me, so keep reading!

    That Puny Parker strip is really funny, I love the style!

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