Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Abe Sapien Covers

Todas las portadas de Abe Sapien #18 a 22 colores del gran Dave Stewart
All the covers for Abe Sapien #18-22 colors by the greatest Dave Stewart 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pre-show Commission for ECCC 2015

  Pre-show commissions list open for ECCC 2015March 27-29

I'll be attending Emerald City Comic Con next year and I'm opening a list to do a few commissions to bring to the show. It's early and there is room for plenty of request, so ask away!

All pieces are done with pencils, inks, & grey tones washes. You can ask for any known fictional character, or other creative requests as a Viking warrior with a sword, a cyber woman, a turtle with glasses playing guitar. For Blank cover requests, ask for my studio address to send the book ahead in time.

The prices are:

- US$450 – for a single character, full body - 11x17 artboard size, minimum background. Add US$ 100 for each additional character.
­­- US$120 - Single characters, half body/bust - 9x12 artboard size, no background.
- US$120 - Single characters, half body/bust – in Blank Covers (look for the Fallen Son Blank Cover example)

You would pay for the commission when you pick up your art at the show. To pay up front, let me know of it when you do your request. I own the rights for the reproduction of all commissioned artwork.
To solicit your commission, or if you have any questions, please write me to with the subject “ECCC 2015 Commission Request” and I’ll write you back shortly.

Here are some examples for the quality of the pieces:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BPRD: 1948 Page 01 process

Layouts for page 01 of issue 01 of  BPRD 1948
This pencils were done with a blue pencil, and a red one, only for the grid. That made it a lot easier to render, instead of penciling everything with the same color.  Unfortunately I have only a B&W scanned of the page to show you that.
But here in the inks, fortunately, you can see the red and blue pencils behind the ink lines.

And the beautiful colors by Dave Stewart.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Abe Sapien cover #19 process

 I usually draw with blue pencils, and in this case I also used the color red to draw the blood separately, avoiding the lines getting too mixed up, that I would have confused them while inking in the next step.

The inks were done traditionally on paper, but then I add the blood in photoshop

Here is a variation of the same cover but with the character boxes changed

And here is the final cover with colors done by el maestro Dave Stewart.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Abe Sapien # 18 Cover


Having joined a Santa Muerte cult, Abe settles into a small Gulf town with hidden ties to the zombie massacre he failed to stop in Arizona. With more lives depending on him than ever, will he fail again?
* The first five-part arc starts here!
“You’d be a fool to miss out on Abe Sapien: Fine comics indeed.”—Bloody Disgusting
Abe Sapien is another strong monthly dose of horror, and now’s a great time to find out for yourself.”—Comic Book Resources
“I read a ton of Dark Horse titles each month and really each week, but for my money Abe Sapien really is one of the best they publish.”—Comic Bastards

Art for Sale!

I have a new Gallery with lots of original art for sale in the Splash Page Art site