Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kraven vs Kaine

Pages from Amazing Spider-man # 634 & 635
The story of Kraven vs Kaine written by J.M. DeMatteis!
Check the amazing colors by Fabio D'auria!

Páginas de Amazing Spider-man #634 y 635
La historia de Kraven contra Kaine escrita por J.M. DeMatteis!!
Mirá los colores espectaculares de Fabio D'auria!


  1. Ya no hay mas nada para decir, listo, lo tuyo se supera dia a dia.
    Un abrazo

  2. Wow, sir. You are fast becoming my favorite artist, and drawing my favorite Spidery villain/tweener Kaine? Kind of like a dream.

  3. Thank you Mr Gabriel, Mr Randall!

    Kaine is quite a character!!!