Friday, April 24, 2009

Dark Reign: The Cabal

Pages of a short story I did for Marvel. Dark Reign: The Cabal
is a one shot with a series of short stories on sale 29/04/09.
Script: Rick Remender
Art: Max Fiumara
Colors: Nestor Pereyra


  1. MARVELous!

    qué lindo! vos y Seba en Marvel!


  2. El mismo Maximiliano Fiumara que estudiaba con Leo Manco en Caballito? viejo, no se si te acordas de mi, pero que bueno saber que laburan de esto. Que bueno encontrarlos. Good Luck! y muy buenos trabajos, desde ya.

    Max Fûlôp

  3. tan bueno como siempre, che! que copado que Nano te esté haciendo los colores!

  4. Dark Reign is a American comic book storyline that began in December 2008. The Cabal definitely has its moments, but for the most part any reader mildly interested in the group or the "Dark Reign" drive could easily miss this one-shot and still be in the know. Those who do fork over their hard-earned $3.99 will find some great artwork and a fun story or two amidst a worrying number of duds.